Norwood Contemporary Addition

The brief sought to amalgamate the heritage structure, formerly divided into two dwellings, into one cohesive family home; spacious, light and sustainably designed.

The building was arranged in two levels, one of which was ‘half submerged into the site’, surrounded by access ways, and was to be retained and added to, forming the sleeping level of the house. The heritage component was to be retained and any additions work was to address the heritage nature. Height, light and ventilation in the lower level were to be addressed, while the upper levels required a comprehensive change to bring the building to a single dwelling and expand the living capacity to accommodate the 5 person household.

North oriented outdoor living with retractable shade, covering 20kL in ground rainwater tank which feeds the whole of house requirements, is separated from the stair well by an opening to ground level, which allows light and winter solar gain to penetrate the lower level.

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Norwood Residence Norwood Residence Norwood Residence Norwood Residence Norwood Residence  Norwood Residence

Photographer: Keiren Macdonald – Snapme Media Group

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