Architectural Consultancy Services


Architectural Consultancy Services

Energy Architecture have been leading sustainability advocates for over a decade, designing, inspiring, and supporting successful sustainability initiatives, describing & sharing a strong business case for Sustainability in urban and suburban development.

The consultancy, as an integral part of the practice, facilitates a range of services to individuals, small to large organisations, and corporations. From ESD advice to complete house design, Deep Energy Retrofits or off-the-grid homes, our knowledge is at your service.

Consultancy ESD (ecological sustainable development) applications address Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Resource Conservation, Water Management, Energy Efficiency, Air and Noise Quality, Reduction in Waste Generation and Disposal, Urban Design, Siting, Social, Cultural and Health Issues, Innovative Construction Processes, Selection of Building Materials, and Transport.

Consultancy involvement broadly includes:

  • ESD advice for new or existing conditions.
  • Advising about Deep energy retrofits.
  • Design of self sufficient sustainable homes.
  • Developing innovative sustainable construction technologies.
  • Initiating, strategising, organising and advising toward development potential.
  • Planning and urban design, with emphasis on ESD and lifestyle.
  • Project Managing infrastructure implementation, including road, waste water, fresh water, electricity (renewable and grid), gas, communications.