21 Ada St, Adelaide Sustainable House Documentary

ADA HOUSE_AWARDS_2012 Energy and water efficient sustainable extension to 1870 cottageEnergy and water efficient sustainable extension to 1870 cottage

21 Ada Street, Adelaide Sustainable House Documentary

Energy Architecture’s is pleased to present the 21 ADA st DVD product for individuals, educators, building and design related businesses and housing developers.

The 21 Ada Street, Adelaide Sustainable House Documentary is a comprehensive audio/visual record of the development of a sustainable house in Adelaide, showcasing details of the methodology and products of sustainable building practices.

The Documentary product is designed to be a significant step-by-step record of the design and construction processes, recorded in a structured way. It includes high quality coverage of each of the construction phases, and will serve as a long-term record of a significant example of sustainable architecture.

Key elements of the production include:

  • Explanation of the elements of sustainable construction; what materials are used and why; how all elements form part of a whole functioning system
  • Relevance to additions and alterations to an existing building as well as to new building
  • John Maitland speaking about his choices of material
  • Presentational segments of information about the project structured to suit presentation and educational use

The Documentary’s Story:

  • The building of 21 Ada Street tells a pivotal story in the house building sector, shaped with philosophical and educational merit, and containing key elements about environmental, product and design considerations.
  • Each step of the building process is filmed during the 7 month building program to illustrate critical elements of the 4 Key Areas in sustainable building development:

Water Collection, Storage, Treatment & Re-use

Conservation of Resources & Reducing Waste            

Thermal Comfort (passive & active)

Materials & Construction Systems                                           

  • John Maitland tells the story, providing a stimulating, exciting depiction of the building process of a sustainable home and its design characteristics. John conveys his passion for building processes, innovation, beauty, quality lifestyle and minimal environmental impact.
  • The materials and processes of building are demonstrated, documenting the gradually hidden elements of what makes a building sustainable.
  • The resulting building is illustrated to show how the house operates as a system with plentiful natural light and fresh air throughout the year; rainwater delivery throughout; recycled grey water for delivery to laundry, toilets, and garden; how the building is designed and sited to enable thermal mass to work naturally for summer cool and winter warmth,maximising internal comfort through all seasons without requiring energy-hungry mechanical air-conditioning.

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