Selected for Mullum Creek, Melbourne

Mullum Creek

Mullum Creek has been designed around principles of sustainability. This is reflected in the layout of the estate, with nearly half the site protected in reserves, providing a safe haven for wildlife and vegetation, and offering bushland outlooks from many home sites. Measures have been put in place to ensure each property gets its fair share of sunlight, and to encourage high quality homes which perform well environmentally.

Energy Architecture is proud to have been selected, along with other specialist designers and consultants, to be available to purchasers at Mullum Creek. We have been selected to assist purchasers to find the best way to design and build beautiful, sustainable homes that are wonderful to live in, cheaper to run, and hold their value. Mullum Creek purchasers can take advantage of Incentive packages with values up to $15,000 of free design and sustainability services to help achieve their dreams on this unique estate. The package is divided into sections, with the concept architectural and landscape design component amounting up to $10,000.

Some of the first residents are already taking advantage of this great opportunity to utilise the knowledge of our expertise in the field of sustainable design. Whether it is only conceptual design work that gets undertaken, or the full service of an architecturally managed construction, this $10,000 design package is a great way to get the process started. A range of sustainability initiatives worth up to $5,000 will add extra ESD value to your home.

We have been delighted to have provided consultative services during the planning stages to assist the development achieve such a high level of environmental credential, and now as an architect to some of its purchasers.

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