STEM – Gulfview Heights Primary School

  • STEM-Gulfview Height PS-32
  • STEM-Gulfview Height PS-25
  • STEM-Gulfview Height PS-31
  • STEM-Gulfview Height PS-24
  • STEM-Gulfview Height PS-16
‘Fostering STEM pedagogy through a variety of flexible learning spaces’

Overlooking the Adelaide foothills, this upgrade to Gulfview Heights Primary School provides a flexible learning environment.

Not to mention it facilitates STEM centred curriculum and activities.

The flexible layout provides space for small group breakout areas that allow students to build transferable skills.

Improved access to technological and environmental resources, coupled with a specialist wet activity studio and maker space, allow students to design, create, explore and invent in a range of different digital and physical mediums.

All things considered, the base building works improve access to natural light and ventilation through the addition of new openings.

These openings also connect students with the new outdoor learning areas, providing the opportunity to engage students with their surrounding environment and raise awareness of environmental sustainability.


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Project Location

Gulfview Heights Primary School, SA.


Daniel Schumann (Energy Architecture)

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