Halifax Perch

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Halifax Perch

There’s a new front to 50 Halifax Street, Adelaide townhouse

One of three matching townhouses, its prominent location in the corner with Surflen Street.

With replacing the bland front balcony with a new room,

A mixture of textures, forms, and colours is in contrast with the brick and render.

A new upper level shaped to form a softening angle at the corner of the two streets, concave indentation turns its back on the deformed Stobie.

Tall nature of the facade addresses the existing street tree and provides the internal space, which is lofty, in contrast with the existing flat ceiling townhouse.

Winter sun can enter over the existing roof, and the main south facing glazing brings a significant connection with the street tree canopy.

In conclusion this building reflects the passionate wish by the owner to ‘relate through contribution’.



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Project Location

Halifax Street,  Adelaide, SA


Daniel Schumann (Energy Architecture)

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