Blackwood Pavilions

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Blackwood Pavilions

Located on a sloping site in Blackwood, the Pavilion style design takes advantage of the existing topographical conditions and allows vegetation to ‘surround’ the house whilst ensuring a minimal footprint.

The provision of internal all-weather access to the upper pavilion was created by the all-timber bridge-stair element which hovers above the site, enabling fauna movement and reduced site works. The construction system consists of simple timber framed walls clad in corrugated steel sheet on concrete floors, with a roof framing system that reduced timber quantities, cleverly creating space for insulation.

There is a real sense of the house being a ‘single enclosed dwelling’ with substantial connections to the outside. Its level of thermal comfort is ensured through high levels of insulation, cross ventilation, access to winter sun, and shading in summer.

Project Location

Blackwood, Adelaide, SA


Scott Harding

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